Helder Palhas, Country Manager

Aspire Technology

Helder Palhas is the Country Manager of Aspire Technology, a fast-growing Irish-owned technology company that provides software solutions and network services to mobile network operators and partners.

Joined Aspire in March 2018 to set up the operations of Aspire in Portugal with the aim to tap into competence and set up an hub than not only serves Europe but has culture and historical connections with all the world.

With a fast ramp up, Portugal started soon to provide Aspire with additional competence not only in number but also in new areas.

Prior to the Aspire challenge, Helder has been working around the globe for 23 years (most of them at Ericsson). From Australia to Sweden, Brazil to US and most of Europe where some personal challenges weere accepted e.g. Being responsible of Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia and Albania markets between 2011 and 2015. The last assignment before joining Aspire was Head Of Operation for Ericsson in Portugal and Angola.

Born in Mourinho’s Town (Setubal), Helder studied in a Military School, finishing his first Degree in DTI Dublin (Kevin Street) as paro of the early Erasmus program.

A proud father of two children, 7 times marathoner finishes (+2 Ultras and endless other races), published Author and travel lover.