Miguel Antunes, Founder & CEO

Nest Collective

Miguel started his career as an aerospace engineer, working in the space sector for several years, becoming domain leader for one of Portugal’s foremost companies working in the sector and contributing for over 30 spacecraft projects, specifically launchers, satellites and satellite constellations. 

Since then he has focussed on his entrepreneurial path, having founded and invested in multiple software consultancy agencies and cloud based software startups.

More recently, Miguel has been contributing to the development of the tech entrepreneurial ecosystem in his hometown, Coimbra - Portugal, and co-founded the Nest Collective in 2015.

The Nest Collective is a private software development business incubator and tech driven coworking office, focussed on product development and near shore outsourcing. Our main goals are to help local tech consultancy businesses and startups scale internationally, and to facilitate the way for foreign companies to establish offices and their own development teams at the Nest Collective in Coimbra.